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July 21, 2014
by Xixi

Young love.

It was so romantic! I couldn’t believe just how in love they were. I am talking about the kids of my two clients. They are business partners. They have each a kid of their own, boy and girl. They have been seeing each other (the kids) since they were very young. Can you imagine the two falling in love when they went on a month-long trip abroad with their families? It happened so fast that their parents thought they were ribbing them in the beginning.

When the boy bought promise rings for couples and gave it to the girl in front of both their families, they realized just how serious the two were.

Young love. It’s the sweetest, most romantic!

March 8, 2014
by Xixi
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One fine Sunday.

I love relaxed Sundays with the family. Last Sunday, I had a good time sharing so many information about random things, like trimble surveying batteries and money market investments, with my parents, my brother, and my visiting cousins. It was fun!

I want a repeat of that relaxing Sunday tomorrow. Another batch of cousins will visit with two aunts. My mom and I will bake and barbecue a few dishes and my dad will do his famous paella. I can’t wait for Sunday to arrive! I can already feel my body relaxing even though mom and I will do some grocery shopping later in the day and will prep for the dishes tomorrow.

Ah, Sunday!

February 16, 2014
by Xixi
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Errand day with Mom.

I am going to accompany my mom tomorrow to get progressive lenses for her. She is having a hard time with her current lenses so she wants to get it checked to make sure.

We all wear prescription glasses in our family. My dad, my mom, my brother, and I. It is something genetic, poor eyesight, I do believe. I remember when we were kids, my brother and I were ‘forced’ to eat our green veggies to help with our eyesight but it still went downhill when we entered school. I can’t go anywhere without my glasses on or I would find myself flat on the floor!

February 14, 2014
by Xixi
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Day full of love!


I hope you are having a great Valentine’s Day celebration with your love one(s). In my case, I am going to spend it with family somewhere quiet.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

December 27, 2013
by Xixi
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It’s party time!

My parents are very busy getting the house ready for relatives coming from abroad. It’s party time this month for the whole clan! A couple of birthdays coming up one after another plus the annual reunion that we hold normally at the ancestral house but since my parents will be hosting the stay of two relatives’ families, the elders decided to hold the reunion at their place.

The younger cousins are very busy with the party music. They are the ones in-charge of it in every party being held with the family as host. I can hear them talking about a lot of music stuff and getting one of the cousins to sing with the band (composed of cousins as well!).

The mood is so festive that I can already feel the party animal in me excited and eager to get it going!

November 24, 2013
by Xixi
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Useful gift: Kids wagon

gift idea

When I give gifts to relatives, I make sure it is something that they can use. Like the kids wagon that I will be buying for two of my cousins with little kids of their own. I know that since both of them have large backyards where their kids could play, the kids wagons would be useful during playtime or when they will be letting the kids tag along the neighborhood.

I suggest you also think of something useful for this coming holidays. Let’s be practical when it comes to spending our money in this period when our economy is down.

November 4, 2013
by Xixi
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Lightbulb moment

Can you blame Edward for selling all his old DVDs, CDs and games in exchange for cash? He heard from a group of friends that they found a site where sale of DVDs, CDs and games for easy cash can be done. It’s very easy! All you need to do is enter all the digits in the barcode found on your DVD, CD or game to instantly know the value of the item you want to sell. Ship the said items to musicMagpie and get cash in return. It’s that simple and easy!

Since Edward is a bit hard on cash right now, it was a lightbulb moment when he heard about that site. He thought he will need to put up an auction or a site where he can sell some of his stuff. But with the site that his friends found, an auction is not needed anymore. It’s the barcode, shipment, and cash. That’s it! No need to go through the eye of the needle to process a sale. The app for the site is even free! That’s how you help other people. You don’t make them go through hoops for them to benefit from something you are offering. I asked Edward about it and he gladly told me what he learned from his friends. I am also thinking of doing a general cleaning of the house. My kids have so many DVDs, CDs and games and all of it are inside a small closet in the den. If I can sell those DVDs, CDs and games, it will free up a big space for their new toys.

This site really got me thinking. Edward, by the way, is a younger cousin of mine. He lives two blocks away and is always dropping by to visit especially on weekends. I will get him to help on the general cleaning I am planning and will ask him to help with the sale of the DVDs, CDs and games as well.

November 4, 2013
by Xixi
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Germ busters

The number one enemy of our kids when they are of the age when they feel like running around the house all the time is germs. So here are a few germ-busters for your kids:

  • Wash hands properly. Soap and water is still best.
  • Wipe down high-touch areas like walls, drawer handles, toy chests and cupboards, light switches, night stands, clock radios, reading glasses, computer keyboards, and desk surfaces. Wipe these with disinfectant wipes to kill germs on contact.
  • Limit play dates during cold and flu season. Remember that they can get colds and flu from other kids.
  • Make sure toys are clean.
  • Change bedsheets weekly. Immediately if something sticky spilled on it.
  • Keep pets off the bed. More so if your kid has asthma. Your pet’s hair can trigger an attack.
  • Mop the floor.