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An inspiration

It’s so much easier to start – and finish – a job if you are inspired to do so!
What do you think?

So true. I really can’t work that well when I am not inspired to do so. Inspiration is not hard to come by. It can even come from little things that I suddenly remembered or was told about.

Sometimes, it’s not enough to want something, or even want to do something. Other things just seem to get in the way. You have to find out what really inspires you. Find out what you really, really want, deep down inside. Find it, and hold on to it. Having a strong motivation for doing something will help even the most organization-challenged of us battle our way through the tedious, boring, and hard work.


  1. That is very inspiring! I want to frame that in my office!! Love it! Thanks for sharing.

  2. PS. I love your favicon!!

  3. And sometimes that motivation, that inspiration, comes from a simple reminder that there’s someone behind us, thinking about us… such as that vase of flowers on the desk.

    Happy not-so-Wordless Wednesday!

  4. that’s a lovely photo, and a nice reminder that doing something without inspiration, without passion, makes the process meaningless, routine.

  5. I love how the red stands out in the picture… dramatic.

    Happy WW!
    Come see what my mom’s afraid of!

  6. I love the flowers having all the color, representing the inspiration possibly. I agree that every thing is a bit easier when we have a reason for doing it!

  7. Oh the desk looks so nice and neat. Sometimes, that alone is motivation to get some work done.
    Happy WW! Stop by and say hi. Here’s a link to our post.

  8. Hi. What software did u use to decolourise everything else except the vase?