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Anywhere in the world

Meetings these days, it need not be face to face with people you need to discuss things with. You can be anywhere in the world and via web conferencing you can attend a meeting. All you have to do is set it up online via a web conferencing service and you are all up!

I am reminded of my old corporate life where I use to represent my boss in executive meetings whenever she was out of the country. It amazed me how we could talk to people from different continents at various times and still feel that they were in the board room with us. That kind of setup was implement throughout my stay with the company and I believe even after I left. It’s very convenient and less costly than have all the executives in one country and one room where they have to fly out and check in hotels just for an executive meeting that can be done via online with some of the key individuals in the comfort of their own offices abroad or in their own homes.

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