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Baby toys for little Santi

Baby Toys. Santi got so many in his recent birthday celebration. I do think giving a toy is the easiest way to make a kid happy. And toys are the simplest gifts to give a kid. My rule on toys is that it should bring joy and learning to my kid. Plus, it should not be hazardous to my kid’s health and well-being. That’s it. I think every parent would agree.

I noticed how little Santi would imitate his uncle tinkering with things. The Curiosity Cube and the Shape Sorting Cube are his favorites among the toys he got. He was also given a Kid’s Computer by one of his godmothers. He loves that among the Award Winning Toys he got. I told my brother that I better convert one side of his room to his play area so he can put all his toys there. You can just see how my little Santi is growing up to be an intelligent kid! He is very curious and would try to solve the mysteries around him like why the magnet is sticking to the metal or how the robot is working and so on. His grandparents are saying that he might become an engineer in the future. I think so, too!

I am sure that he will receive more Learning Toys this year. Actually, even if there’s no occasion, he’s getting toys from relatives arriving from abroad. And he is enjoying each and every toy he gets. I am happy toys now are both a source of joy and a learning tool for kids. My Santi will benefit from these!

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