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Coffee break

I was having a coffee break when one of the directors at the company I was auditing approached me. We were classmates in college and we’ve been friends for years now. I am friends with his wife as well. They are celebrating their month-long 10th wedding celebration and I asked him this… “Have you thought of a very special gift for your wife yet?” He smiled. “Yes, I already have,” he said. It’s a romantic night at home complete with a candle-lit dinner, berries coated with chocolates, scented candles around the room and a bottle of champagne. And there’s more but he wouldn’t tell me anymore.

I badgered him until he told me what gift he bought his wife and he told me that it is a week-long stay in Santorini! Wow! I didn’t ask my friend how much he had to shell out for the reservation alone but I do know it most likely cost him an arm and a leg. Anything for his wife. It made me respect my friend even more!

It left me feeling hopeful that there are still truly honest and loving men out there.

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