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Frustrated parent

I know how frustrating it can be for a parent to find themselves unable to finance a simple medical check-up for their child(ren). I’ve seen my parents experience the same. I’ve seen parents I know experience it.

Last night, one of my uncles came to my dad to ask for assistance. My cousin has a very high fever and they suspect that he has dengue. My dad asked my uncle what they were waiting for when they should already be bringing my cousin to the hospital. That’s when my uncle, teary-eyed, told my dad to talk to me so he could borrow cash for the check-up.

I thought my heart would explode from pity. I know my uncle. He wouldn’t just ask for help if he really doesn’t need it. And I know how much it cost him to ask for help from me. A parent will do everything for their child even if it means they have to swallow their pride.

One Comment

  1. That’s how caring our parents are. =)