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Health shortcuts that work

There are health shortcuts that work. Let’s start with your daily cardiovascular activity.

The ideal cardio activity is for you to do it 30 minutes most days of the week. This near-daily regimen can help lower LDL or the bad cholesterol, raise the good ones (HDL) and improve your cardio health, reducing the risk for diabetes and heart disease in the process.

But if you can’t do it…

The next best thing to do is to take three 10-minute walks each day. These short bursts have real health benefits. If the intensity is identical to that of a 30-minute workout, you’ll burn the same number of calories and get the same heart-health benefits. This one is actually the ideal one for women like me who does not have the luxury of time most days.

Here are a few ideas on how you can achieve the next best thing:

  • Devote 10 minutes of your lunch hour to a brisk walk.
  • Climb a few flights of stairs several times a day instead of using the elevator.
  • Offer to take a friend’s (energetic) dog for a walk.

The first one will work for me the best.

Come on, take care of your cardio health. Starting today!

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