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My own Halloween invitations

Invitation Halloween

Invitation Halloween

I miss my friends! I hardly ever see my Chinese friends anymore. I am cooped inside the house most of the time for the past few months now. I am busy with work and would just go out when really needed. Mostly when I have to go see a client. I asked my mom if it’s okay to use their pool area so I can throw a Halloween party on the 30th. Not on the 31st because that would be for the family. A cousin will be throwing a huge Halloween party that coincides with her birthday.

The Halloween Invitations will be from http://www.holiday-invitations.com, where unique and exclusive Halloween Invitation designs are from. These are special designs made for you and me. A photo or a logo can be added to it to make it more special. When you order the minimum they require, which I am planning to do, 10 thank you cards will be added to your order for free. And then they will ship it to you for free as well! Can you say that the Halloween Party Invitations can actually cost me less than what I budgeted? Yes!

So the Invitations Halloween from Holiday-Invitations are off my list. Next would be food. Chinese people love to eat! I might as well put the savings from the invitations to food. And some party favors. Well, I am off to prepare some more. Ciao!

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