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Single Mom Stigma

Delamar and her baby Cooper

I think in our society today, even with the advancement of technology and people becoming more openminded about certain societal issues, there is still a single mom stigma going around. I read Delamar‘s (of RX 93.1 FM) interview in Smartparenting.com.ph and was immediately struck by a statement she made. His father took his pregnancy hard. Old school, you can say. But there were also other people who questioned her decision not to marry the father of her child. Like as if marrying the guy will make everything better. I may come from a somewhat conservative family but I don’t believe in marriage just because a child is conceived. It is a good reason to hasten the marriage but if only from the start the parents wanted to really tie the knot.

Rumor has it that this is the baby’s father, Tyler Ashby who works for a call center company in the country and a part-time music artist.

Tyler Ashby and Delamar's baby Cooper

Well, if that’s the baby daddy, then I must say great choice, Delamar! He is a hottie!


Anyway, society ties this image of a single mom with a kid who will grow up to be spoiled rotten and seeking attention, or worse, a really bad seed. Truth is there are a lot of kids from single-parent homes who grew up to be well-adjusted and well-balanced individuals.

I think it is best for a kid to grow up with a single mom than with both parents who fight every single minute and who will ultimately separate that will leave the child traumatized and scarred for life.

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