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Talking technical again.

My brother and my cousins would hang out here at my house almost every Friday night. They told me it’s cheaper to hang around my patio or play video games in my den or to drink beer by the poolside. They would enjoy being here while I am working. Life is unfair! Ha-ha-ha!

So, anyway, tonight will be no exception. My brother called up ahead of time requesting for my seafood marinara pasta. That’s the request of the cousins. Five male and three female cousins who will surely talk technical again. They are all tech-savvy kids, I should tell you. Not only on web development and information technology but also on mechanics and engineering and fine arts! You can hear them talk about gas springs and you’d think it’s something being used daily by an ordinary person.

I love having them here at home. I think I’ll do my grocery shopping earlier to prepare for the lot.

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