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The importance of transcription.

I am a freelance investments consultant. I also do some ad hoc consultancy work for the five clients I have. As long as it is finance-related, when I know and I can, I accept the work offer. It will ensure a steady stream of income for me. But how do I become an effective consultant if I can’t remember what a client tells me? That’s where transcription San Diego comes in. Let me tell you what I do…

At least once a week, every Wednesday and Thursday mornings, I go to my clients for a brief meeting. It will involve reports on their investments including foreign exchange forecasts, budgets, and some other stuff they want done. Since I can’t very well concentrate on what the client is telling me if all I do is take down notes while discussing, I would just record the meeting. I always bring a digital recorder with me. After the meeting, I would transcribe the meeting and some meeting notes I jotted down into a digital document that I can use as a reference in the future. It is so effective to me that it has become a habit for the past five years now.

I am reminded of this very important meeting with a client. The whole management was there to discuss the budget they have put up for investing on some real estate properties as well as stocks of a company about to announce an IPO. Instead of focusing on the investment plans and strategies only, the group of people in front of me discussed investments and tossed ideas on a future project they have. I wasn’t listening much on the project discussion because I was busy jotting down notes on investment ideas I have. When I went back home, I transcribed the whole meeting I managed to record. I was able to learn more about the future project they would intersperse between the investments discussion. The week after, when I went back for a follow-up meeting, they asked me about the future project they were discussing. I managed to give them ideas for it. And do you know how lucky I was I transcribed the whole meeting and read it thrice? They gave the future project to me! They retained me as a consultant for that very project they were discussing! It was a big deal project for my client and I was very lucky to be given that opportunity.

Transcription is very important. Some people may find it tedious but, believe me, it will come in handy in the future.

*I participated in a blogger campaign for Tigerfish, however all the points and views are my own.

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